I Survived Burning Man 2008-Part 3

Interesting thing happens at Burning Man, everyone goes out of their way to be nice. Combine that with the gifting economy and you are experiencing something special.

On the day of the burn there was dust storm that started at mid-day and went until dark. We spent a couple hours of the storm drinking home made blackberry wine in our neighbors dome. It is the same size as ours, but with a platform on top.

Neighbors sixteen foot dome with a platform on top at Burning Man 2008.

After a late night I was trying to sleep in and kept hearing this loud hissing noise. It was so loud I had to get up and see what it was. They landed next to our dome and then gave tethered rides for the remainder of their fuel.

Hot air balloon lands next to our sixteen foot dome at Burning Man 2008.

Then they packed it up right next to the dome:

Hot air balloon lands next to our sixteen foot dome at Burning Man 2008.

Our neighbor had some cute combat boots:

Combat clothing worn by our neighbor at Burning Man 2008.

Met this fellow during a late morning party at the BloodyMaryLander’s.

Having a Bloody Mary at the BloodyMaryland camp during Burning Man 2008.

You can only buy two things at Burning Man, ice and coffee, everything else is gifted. We gifted neck coolers made from dish towels and sponges. We would put a bunch in a zip-loc bag of ice water and hand them out to the folks waiting to buy ice. You can see she is wearing one of our red and pink ones.

Neck cooler in ice line at Burning Man 2008.

The big tent behind the bar is just for the BloodyMaryLander’s costumes. While getting a tour of the tent we spotted these boots that would go great with her dress. Not wanting to wear rubber boots in the hot sun we could only convince her to wear them for a photo.

BloodyMaryLand camp member at Burning Man 2008.

Never did see the machine that made these smoke rings. In the still morning and evening air they would hang around for quite a while.

Smoke rings at Burning Man 2008.

Every night as the sun slipped behind the mountains the whole camp would cheer.

Sunset at Burning Man 2008.

It was an amazing event and these photos are just a small part of my week. My next chore is to put together some video so you can see a bit more of Burning Man


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