Hummingbirds and Cherry Blossoms

Last year I put out a humming bird feeder just after the cherry tree out back finished blooming.  This year the feeder was out earlier so I could make some photos of the humming birds with the cherry blossoms as a background.  Here are my first attempts:

Hummingbird 01

Hummingbird 02

Hummingbird 03

Hummingbird 04

Hummingbird 05

Hummingbird 06

Hummingbird 07

Hummingbird 08

Hummingbird 09

Hummingbird 10


5 thoughts on “Hummingbirds and Cherry Blossoms

  1. Ohh, these are amazing. This little guy loves your camera. Is there some magic photography skill I don’t know about that helped you get these?

  2. Those are beautiful!! I love them. We have two feeders up now and 8-10 hummingbirds. John fills them and within a day or two they are drained. Fun to watch them. We have a pair of orioles out there now too. They have been drinking the food.

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