Los Angeles Panorama

Los Angeles Panorama, Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles Skyline

While in Southern California my brother and I visited the Griffith Observatory.  This crazy big panorama was created as we watched the sunset from the viewing area at the back of the building. Click on the image to see it bigger and click again to see it full size.  There are a ton of amazing details in this photo, see if you can find the airplane departing LAX, or the cranes at San Pedro, or the Capitol Records building.  Please let me know of any other interesting details you find.


7 thoughts on “Los Angeles Panorama

  1. Nice shot(s)!

    I’ve been there, Andy, at this exact spot. If you were to pan to the right more, you could see the Hollywood sign along the hill side, correct?

    And Silver Lake and Echo Park should be in the foreground, too.

    This spot is where they filmed Rebel Without a Cause, featuring James Dean. Seriously!

  2. My brother added a couple more things to look for.

    From left to right:

    The LA River
    Dodger Stadium
    An urban golf driving range.
    The water tower on the Paramount Studios lot.
    “Nakatomi Tower” in Century City featured in the first Die Hard movie.

  3. I see the water tower but I’m looking for Dodger Stadium. The Roosevelt Hotel is in there, too.

    There seems to be a container ship anchored out in the Pacific, also.

    That old, tall building in downtown LA can be seen, also – that’s the building they used to show at the beginning of the series DRAGNET. I’m not kidding!

    The Bonaventure Hotel should be in there, in downtown LA. It’s a copy of the Renaissance Center in Detroit, now owned and occupied by GM. Still looking for it.

    • Thanks Michael, the pano was made with a Canon PowerShot G9 at the full telephoto setting. That is about equal to a 210mm lens on a DSLR.

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