Greenbelt Land Trust: Bald Hill Farms

This morning Jessica and Claire with the Greenbelt Land Trust took me on a photo safari.  We made some images of the property at Bald Hill Farms that  the Greenbelt Land Trust is in the initial phases of purchasing.  A single photo did not do justice to the rolling landscape, so I made a bunch of panoramas.  Here are a couple, be sure to click on the image to see it larger.

The cluster of oak trees in the pasture caught my attention, they are in both panoramas and I made a couple other images of them.  Even though the day was overcast the contrast range was a bit high, you can see that the sky has lost a little detail in the panoramas.  To solve this problem I tried a couple High Dynamic Range or HDR images of the trees.  Photoshop was the first software I used as I experimented with HDR images.  After downloading and trying several other programs I found Bracketeer which makes nice looking images. This image was made from a combination of over, under and normally exposed files.

After making both panoramas and HDR images we made our way into a stand of oak trees where I tried combining the techniques to create a HDR panorama. Instead of three exposures like the image above I just made two exposures for each section of the panorama. This one is my favorite of the day because it combines two techniques I have been working on and it manages to hide the dreary skies.  Click on the image to see it larger.


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