Road Trip

Yaquina Bay Bridge Newport Oregon HDR Panorama
Yesterday  morning Karl Hartzel, my neighbor and handyman extraordinaire,  and I made a quick run over to Newport to test the panoramic head he built for me. About a month ago I showed him these plans that I found on a DIY website.  After looking at my tripod system and measuring my camera he began construction.  The  finished product was delivered last week, but because of schedule conflicts we had to wait  to see it in action. It may not look like an expensive piece of photo gear, but this baby is as smooth as silk and made it a snap to quickly shoot panoramas.  We  tried it at three locations in Toledo and Newport.  While the valley was heating up toward the 90’s it was overcast and a bit chilly at the coast. I  was worried that the clouds behind the Yaquina Bay Bridge would not show up well in the photo so I bracketed exposures and used Bracketeer an HDR panorama.  The sun finally broke though while we were enjoying a great lunch at Local Ocean.  Then it was time to head back to inland to the heat, not a bad way to spend a morning.

Panoramic tripod head built by Karl Hartzel


3 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. did you stitch it together, or use photoshop/
    I wanna see you camera on the “device”
    you gotta bring another camera to shot the camera…

  2. Jacque,

    Each segment of the panorama was created from three bracketed images merged into one HDR image with Bracketeer. The HDR images were then stitched together in Photoshop. Two to three hours of post production were spent creating the final image. 62 x16 inches at 240 dpi.

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